Echo is the working title of an ongoing material research into creation of shape by repetition. The base of the project is a physical material which Hess alters into sculptural timelapses in his digital world. The project is named after a common software filter which uses the history of movement to visualize its journey through time.




Hess first started the research as part of a commission by the Dutch National Glassmuseum in Leerdam. By using see-through plastics such as balloons and foils Hess created an animation in which a human body gets captured by shells and shapes of what appears to be liquid glass.


Echo Earphone

glass and leather

30 cm x 60 cm

The digital experience was then translated back into the physical reality with the help of a team of glassblowers. The limited edition of headphones embody the travel of soundwaves captured in black glass.



Material test

Eindhoven, JAN 2011