Extraordinary Gentlemen



Ever since 2008 the LucyandBart imagery had created a large online following. However a majority of this following had little no clue about the impulsive yet intensive creation process behind the photographs.


In 2010 Nick Knight invited LucyandBart for a 2 day shoot at SHOWstudio, live broadcasting the intricate creation of their sculptural, surreal extensions of the body. The editorial shot in collaboration with stylist Alister Mackie, shows a series of modified bodies of pins, balloons, foam and paper spikes, paired with animalistic outerwear from the Autumn/Winter 2010 collections.


Nick Knight captured the work in progress, resulting in Extraordinary Gentleman: A fusion of craft, fashion and installation art looking back at 2 successful years of LucyandBart.



Pictures by Nick Knight



13:32 21 JUN 2010




The first LucyandBart piece to appear on set is this statement toothpick headdress. As imaginative as it is prickly, it adds an entirely new textural dimension to the look.

Jagged spikes crafted by LucyandBart set the background for the next look. The duo glued their paper creations directly on to Callum's skin. The Rick Owens halter and matching gloves, JW Anderson boots and Ann Demeulemeester trousers complete the dark ensemble.

It’s back to the workshop again for Lucy and Bart as they prepare to create another entirely new conceptual design for the AnOther Man photoshoot. This time, it’s pegs and pantyhose.

LucyandBart’s paper wings give flight to the Comme des Garçons shoes, Rick Owens trousers and fur-lined jacket. The paper extensions have been carefully shaped around Frederick's arms and fingers by Lucy and Bart.

It's been a super-charged weekend here at the studio with Nick Knight shooting the talented LucyandBart’s collaboration with visionary stylist Alister Mackie for AnOther Man. We’ve experienced the best of men’s A/W 2010 collections, from Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester to John Galliano and Comme des Garçons, alongside unique creations crafted right here on set by Lucy and Bart. Our live broadcast of the AnOther Man photoshoot is now over, but keep an eye out for the magazine’s A/W 2010 issue to see the completed 18-page fashion editorial.


What a moment! Today's shoot finishes on a high note. For the last shots, Nick Knight decided to blow away all the toothpicks from Frederik's body with the helping hand of directional wind. Mind you, everyone stood in silent delight while we all watched ecstatic each one of the little wood sticks fly away. While Nick was enthusiastically giving directions Frederik was dancing, jumping and shaking- all at the same time. We hope you didn't miss any of the action. If you did, come back tomorrow from 11:00 BST for day 2 of AnOther Man's Autumn Winter 2010 shoot. We'll be here!


While Nick Knight and Alister Mackie were immersed in directing the action on set, Lucy and Bart were tirelessly toiling away behind the scenes on their avant-garde paper art. The duo began their creation early this morning and it has taken over five hours to complete this show-stopping “explosion of fur,” as they call it. Watch the footage live on our LiveStudio page and hear the rustling of the paper blades as Nick Knight captures them on camera.

We’re approaching the end of our editorial shoot for AnOther Man, but Lucy and Bart have one more trick up their sleeve. They’ve pumped up a five-foot swimming pool in the middle of our studio, and with electric whisks and soup ladles in hand, are now making foam by the bucket-load. Soon, they will be crafting an outfit made entirely of foam to go with transparent neckpieces and jackets by Jane Bowler. What a finish to the long day in the studio. Be sure to stick around until the end so you don't miss any of the magic happening on set.




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